How to tell if your business idea will become your dream job – By Louise Jenner

Written by Louise Jenner
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You can tell easily when you’re in a job that’s not your dream job.

You might be very tolerant and put up with it for all kinds of reasons but deep inside you know it’s not right and you can spend a lot of time looking for ways to escape that daily grind in order to find your dream job.

You might fantasise that a certain colleague or boss leaves and believe that when that happens everything will be ok. You might dream of a pay-rise or even a lottery win that would somehow make it all ok. Or that flexible working might be an option that would alleviate the stress. I’ve heard people joke that if it wasn’t for the staff and the customers they’d be in their dream jobs!

Sometimes it gets bad enough that you start scouring the papers for jobs on a Thursday or checking online job sites in the hope that your dream job will miraculously jump out in front of you, Ta da!

Occasionally, your sub-conscious gets to work in a positive way and starts coming up with ideas for what you could do if you were brave enough to go it alone and become “freelance” or “self-employed.”

Woo hoo! Imagine that!

“I could be my own boss. I could set my own schedule. I could spend more time with the ones I love.”

Then the other bit of your sub-conscious kicks in; you know the voice inside your head that puts the kybosh on all your big brave thoughts.

“What’s the big idea then?” It sneers. “You’ll never make any money at that! Who’s going to hire you? Better off keeping that as your hobby.”

Making the Dream a Reality

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On a bad day you listen to that snarky voice in your head and let it crush your dreams. Until the day job gets so bad that you simply have to start dreaming again. Maybe you’re forced into it by something that happens outside of your control.

For me, the straw that broke the camel’s back was actually a tree falling on my head in Prague! In the aftermath of that experience I realised that if I had died that day, I would have been remembered as the woman who sold sofas and had little time for anything or anyone else. I knew that I had to change my life and I did.

I left the relative safety of my well-paid job with limited savings and no plan back in 2013 and I’ve never regretted it for a second. However, I’m willing to admit that a plan would have been a good idea! It would have accelerated my success.

How do you know if your ideas will be you dream business?

Since becoming The Dream Job Coach, I’ve helped my clients to transform their careers and a good number of them actually decided that their dream job was not to have a job but maybe, like you, to have their own business. But where do you start, how do you know if your ideas could become your dream business? First I get my clients to answer 5 questions.

5 ways to check your creating your dream business:

  1. Will it fulfil me?
  2. Will it energise me?
  3. Will it enable me to be the best version of myself that I can be?
  4. Will it allow me to contribute and add value to the lives of other people?
  5. Will it reward me, on every level?

What Next?

If you answered “YES!” to all five questions, then you have a pretty good chance that your idea has legs. Give it a go!

If you had some “no’s” or “not sure’s,” don’t fret. Take advice from someone you trust.

Preferably talk to someone outside of your family or social circle. With the best will in the world, family and friends love you and want to protect you. They worry and will do whatever they can to keep you safe, even if that means encouraging you to suck it up and stay in a job that’s making you miserable!

Chat with someone who is doing well and who is a few steps along the path from where you are now. Someone who still remembers what it was like to be in your shoes and who shares your values and ethics. Someone who can show you how it can be done and that you can do it!

Guest blog by: Louise Jenner, The Dream Job Coach.

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