3 Steps to Creating the Best Online Brand for your Business

Written by Georgina Thorne
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Getting your branding just right isn’t just about having a pretty logo and making sure you use it on your business cards and faceBook header.

Branding is your business identity, like a person it needs to have personality, a voice and an opinion. Before you get into designing your logo, you have to know your brand like you know your best friend.

A really helpful Wix article talks you through these 3 steps to building a successful brand and seeing your business reach it’s full potential:

1. Your Brand Identity

  • Who Is Your Target Audience?
  • What Is the Story of Your Brand?
  • What Is Your Brand’s Personality?

2. Your Brand’s Look

  • Defining the Overall Style 
  • Choosing Your Brand’s Colors
  • Creating a Winning Logo 
  • Finding the Right Fonts

3. Your Brand’s Tone

  • Crafting the Ultimate Brand Name
  • Building Your Brand Vocabulary
  • Engaging with Your Audience


So if you’ve just started to think about your brand or want to give your current brand a bit of an upgrade, then Read the Full Article first and get some great tips for creating the best online brand for your business.


Wix.com – Building a brand online. 

Happy branding x