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How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Blog

Hands up who uses Twitter to promote their blog? If your hands not up, I have to tell you, you’re missing a trick. With 330 million active users, this beautifully fast paced platform can help you to seriously maximise your blog reach. If you’ve overlooked Twitter because you thought it was too dull, I’ve got… Read the full article ›

1 Metric You Need To Check To Achieve Social Media Success

1 Metric You Need To Check To Achieve Social Media Success

In this article I’m going to explain why checking your social media analytics is so important, how the data will help you achieve your goals and the one metric you need to check to achieve social media success.

6 Steps To Make Social Media Content Worth Sharing

6 Steps To Make Social Media Content Worth Sharing

Have you ever wondered why some social media posts are more popular than others? And what it is about them that grabs all the attention? Here’s some good news, it’s not all luck and happenstance. As Professor Jonah Berger explains in his book ‘Contagious‘ there are 6 guiding principles which provide a set of guidelines to… Read the full article ›


How To Successfully Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Keeping on top of multiple social media accounts can feel like an up hill struggle. Whether you’re a small business owner using several social media channels, or a social media manager updating loads of channels at once, it can be tricky to keep on top of things and do a good job. The key to… Read the full article ›


6 Time Saving Tips For Instagram

All social media marketing is time consuming regardless of the channel your on. But if like me Instagram happens to be your favourite you can easily loose half an hour just scrolling through your feed. Which is why you need to know these 6 time saving tips for Instagram. Over the years of managing social… Read the full article ›

How To Get More Instagram Followers: The Marketing Campaign That Increased My Followers By 3000%

Want to know how to get more Instagram Followers? I got over a 3000% increase in Instagram followers in 8 just weeks? Getting social media followers isn't easy, but using non promotional content and building authority led me to a 3000% increase in my Instagram following in just 8 weeks. In previous posts I've talked... Read the full article ›

“Rage Against the Meme” – Should We Use Memes In Our Marketing?

A writer at Grazia magazine is so fed up of seeing memes in her Facebook feed that she felt the need to mention it in the November issue in a short piece titled ‘Rage Against The Meme’. I wanted to share this with you because I know how hard it is to come up with… Read the full article ›

What Is An Audience Profile And How Do You Create One?

What Is An Audience Profile And How Do You Create One?

If you’ve read any of my other blog articles you’ll notice I talk a lot about the importance of “Knowing Your Audience” when it comes to marketing. To know your target audience is to understand the individual reasons why they would buy from you. And you can find that out by creating an Audience Profile…. Read the full article ›

A Successful Marketing Campaign is All in the Plan

When it comes to successfully marketing your business online, creating a specific campaign, backed up with a plan is the only way to see real results. Trying to deliver a single message across multiple channels, to a specific audience is hard work. Without a smart process in place you can easily loose your way and... Read the full article ›
How to win the engagement game

How To Win The Engagement Game

The world of social media is constantly changing. What works one day, may not work the next. If you want to win the engagement game, you have to adapt to those changes, or you’ll quickly fall behind. But don’t panic! I’ve put together a list of the top trends that you can make the most of to… Read the full article ›