10 Essential Tips For Blogging Beginners

10 Essential Tips For Blogging Beginners

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and starting up your first blog, getting started might not be as easy as it seems! Being the next big mummy blogger influencer or using  blogging to promote your business requires planning. You’ll need to think about what you are going to write about, how people going to find… Read the full article ›

Why brand consistency is vital

Brand Consistency: Why it’s so crucial across all platforms

The shift in technology now means that more people are interacting with brands online. It is vital you have brand consistency to ensure users can easily recognise your brand on any digital platform, from social media to websites.  Keep reading to find out why brand consistency across all platforms is so crucial, and how you… Read the full article ›

Getting Your Business Noticed With Social Media

The most popular question I get asked about digital marketing is ‘how do you use social media to get noticed?’ Followed by, ‘how do I do it without spending all of my time on social media?’ Unfortunately there is no quick way around this. It will take time, planning and attention. But, I promise great things… Read the full article ›

Never Run Out Of Content Ideas Again

Never Run Out Of Content Ideas Again

When I ask business owners how they cope with creating marketing content, most of them say that they get stuck. They struggle knowing what to talk about what content will have the most impact. More often than not, this leads to sporadic content creation and inconsistencies in their delivery. So, I want to share some… Read the full article ›

How To Show Your Audience Some Love On Social Media

How To Show Your Audience Some Love On Social Media

A lot of people ask me what the best ways to use social media to market their business are to attract new customers. Unfortunately there is no simple answer to that question, because it really depends on your business, what a customer looks like to you and what you see as an actual conversion. Some people… Read the full article ›

Has "Having Purpose" Become A Marketing Bandwagon?

Has “Having Brand Purpose” Become A Marketing Bandwagon?

If you’ve been reading up on business growth or ways you can build your brand you have probably read some advice on the importance of having a purpose. Some experts on the subject have even gone so far as to say that without it you simply won’t survive in today’s market place. So what is… Read the full article ›

what is digital marketing

What Is Digital Marketing?

Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience in the right place at the right time. And as the number of adults using the internet increasing every single day, that “right place” is online. It’s no surprise that since 1995, back when Amazon.com launched its online shopping site, the number of people shopping online increased at an… Read the full article ›

online marketing courses 2018

5 Of The Best Free Online Marketing Courses 2018

In this digital age, you don’t have to go to college and pay a fortune to learn a new skill. In the comfort of your lounge, you can become an expert in all things “online marketing”, from social media, through to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). And what’s even more exciting, is that some online courses… Read the full article ›

Social Media For Business

The Pros and Cons of Using Social Media For Business

There is no doubt that social media marketing can have a massive impact on your business. With billions of potential clients at the other end of a post or tweet, and minimal cost it’s easy to get carried away and spend hours creating posts and scrolling through your feed waiting for someone to bite. I… Read the full article ›

Digital Marketing Success Jenni Willowberry

Digital Marketing Success For Natural Skin Brand Willowberry

Meet Jenni Retourné, founder of Willowberry Natural Skincare, who has gone from beauty editor to creating award winning skincare products. I’ve caught up with Jenni to talk her about how digital marketing has played a big part in the success of her business. What motivated / inspired you to start your business? I used to… Read the full article ›

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