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How To Create a Successful Marketing Campaign in 7 Steps

The famous Nike tag line "Just Do It" does not apply to digital marketing. Which is why I want to show you how to create a successful marketing campaign in 7 simple steps. Whatever the size of your business, marketing it online, or anywhere for that matter, will only be effective if you have a... Read the full article ›
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Email Marketing vs Social Media: Email is More Powerful

When social media took off, the digital marketing pundits predicted that it would be the end of email. Well they were wrong. When it comes to email marketing vs social media; email is the clear winner. Email marketing is more powerful than social media for marketing your business. There is no doubt that over the last… Read the full article ›

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How A Simple Email Can Build A Lasting Relationship

You’ve got a website or a blog set up and you’re starting to get some traffic to it. Now, you need to find out who these people are, so you can get to know them better, attract more of them and give them content they can’t resist. What you need is email an marketing campaign! The… Read the full article ›