SEO Basics & How To Get More Visitors to Your Website

Amended Monday 12th Feb 2018 SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving the visibility of your website in Google search results. Improving your SEO is the best way to improve your website traffic. However, it’s not an easy or obvious thing to get your head around. It’s something that eludes quite a… Read the full article ›


3 Steps to Creating the Best Online Brand for your Business

Getting your branding just right isn’t just about having a pretty logo and making sure you use it on your business cards and faceBook header. Branding is your business identity, like a person it needs to have personality, a voice and an opinion. Before you get into designing your logo, you have to know your brand… Read the full article ›

Instagram call to action

Instagram Hack – Turn up your engagement with call to actions.

If you’re looking to turn your Instagram engagement up a notch, try adding an Instagram call to action (CTA) to your updates. An Instagram call to action is an instruction at the end of a Instagram caption that tells your audience what their next step is. You’ve probably seen these examples around on websites and emails:… Read the full article ›

Facebook Crowd

5 Steps to getting more customers using Facebook

With more than 2 billion people active on Facebook, how can you attract their attention and make them your customers? These 5 steps will show you how. Summery: Prioritise your goals Build your audience Develop your content Facebook advertising Measuring your achievements Prioritise your goals First things first, my golden rule before starting any new marketing… Read the full article ›

Adding Multiple Accounts On Instagram

Fed up of logging in and out of your separate Instagram accounts every time you want to update them? Well get ready to be happy, Instagram now lets you add up to 5 Instagram accounts to your account and the ability to quickly switch between them without having to logout and log back in again…. Read the full article ›