4 Ways To Help Beat Distraction and Boost Your Motivation to the Max

Written by Georgina Thorne
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I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty pumped about 2017 and have lots of plans and goals for the year ahead. But it’s still only January and inevitably over the next few months the shine of optimism will start to wear off.

With the best will in the world, we all have our off days when we feel overwhelmed and under motivated. But when you run your own business that lack of motivation can have a disastrous effect, not just on productivity but on your state of mind too.

When you find yourself heading out for that 5th cup of coffee instead of getting down to business, here are 4 ways to help you beat distraction and boost your motivation:

1. Start Small

If you have a big project or job that needs starting but you keep putting it off, divide that one big job into smaller tasks.

For example if you’ve got a new blog post to write, break the task down into achievable steps and tick them off one by one:

  1. Create post title
  2. Write post introduction
  3. List sub headings and titles
  4. Find post image
  5. Define keywords
  6. Outline first draft
  7. Add links

Breaking a big job down into smaller manageable chunks will help you manage your work better. As a result, you’ll make it easier to measure your achievement as you complete your tasks one by one. This sense of achievement will motivate you to start other tasks and get the project finished.

2. Get Organised

This may sound like an obvious one, but make sure your work space is organised and tidy before you begin a new task. Get rid of any unnecessary paper work and clutter and ideally your mobile phone. This physical act of organising works on a mental level too and will help focus your mind on the job. So clear the decks, make yourself a cup of something and get cracking smug in the knowledge that you’re not going to be distracted. Your more likely to finish what you’ve started if you start in the right frame of mind.

3. Work With Others

Collaborating with other like minded people on a project either to share the load or just to bounce ideas around will help keep you more motivated. It gives you a greater sense of responsibility and a greater sense of achievement when you can share those achievements with someone else.

Also share you’re work with your followers. If your starting a new project let people know about it. For those of you that run your own business by yourself you’ll know all to well how disciplined you have to be, and the lack of accountability can sometimes make it too easy to put things off. But if you’ve told your social media followers, or your client base that your going to do something, you have to do it.

4. Reward Your Hard Work

Motivation is key when it comes to starting a new project, and eventually finishing it, and following the first 3 steps will help you keep that focus and drive you towards achieving your goals, but it’s also important to reward yourself when you complete a milestone.

For example, if your working through your blog post writing list (from section 1), when you’ve ticked off those 7 tasks, give yourself a break. Go for a walk, listen to some music, have a coffee, what ever you decide to do, make sure it feels rewarding and deserving of your hard work. Then after 20 minutes or half an hour, get back and finish the task, start working on the final draft of your blog, proof read it and publish it. Boom, job done.

Next time you find yourself putting off a job, or feeling a bit overwhelmed and under motivated, try one or all of the motivation boosting methods above and see the difference it makes.

Time to take 2017 by the horns people!

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